Order Process

What to expect when you commission a project with us.

The Idea

We work with you to figure out exactly what you are looking for, if you don't know already. You can send us a Pinterest board, your ideas as url links or photos to help us get in the right mindset. You can also look at our Pinterest board for inspiration. At this point we will provide you a more accurate cost and time estimate. 

Most projects will take between 2-4 weeks start to finish. This might be longer if there is a large quantity or complexity.


Design Concept

Upon receiving payment, we will get right to work and will first present you with concepts with either product sketches, basic digital artwork or both to nail down the exact design. Once you have signed off on the design we will move on to create final artwork. 

For larger custom orders, we will require 25% payment upfront to move forward.


Final Artwork

We will work to finalize your design to submit for approval before we begin to cut. If there are major changes from the original design concept, we might need to re-visit the quote. Otherwise, if not done already, we will also determine material (wood, acrylic, aluminum, etc.), size and other design details at this point. 

We will need your final sign-off on design and materials before moving into production.



As we create your product, we will send you update images before any final finishes are applied. 


Fit and Finish

After the product is cut we will finish it with appropriate stains, varnishes, paint, etc. The final product will be sealed and another photo will be sent to you before we send it off. 


Shipping & Payment

We will bill you the remaining balance and get your baby securely prepped and packaged to be shipped out. You should expect to see your new whateva-it-is within a few days unless you chose to expedite shipping.


Utter Delight!

Receive your order. :-)