Custom Tropical Drink Stir Sticks for 30th Birthday Bash

Making these custom drink stir sticks was the perfect excuse to play with some fun acrylic colors for a project! They were for a special 30th birthday pool party with a tropical theme! Included were flamingo pool floats, tropical drinks with umbrellas and lots of fun in the sun! 

We went with 3 images: flamingos, pineapples and palm trees and used cheerful bright neon colors to add to the party vibe. To make the occasion more special we used the birthday girls initials and "30" to really help add that extra flair to the event. They worked perfectly with the custom bartended cocktails to be enjoyed poolside on a Saturday afternoon. 

Needless to say both the party and the stir sticks were a big hit! So glad we could be a part of the special day!


40th Birthday Celebration that's Not Full of Hot Air

What better 40th birthday gift for a husband to give his wife than a romantic hot air balloon ride? How about putting together a special birthday celebration brunch for her and closest friends in Malibu with a hot air balloon theme!

We were given the artwork that already being used for custom designed placemats and for cupcake toppers that were already purchased on etsy and asked 'to come up with something' that might fit the event. 

We ended up pulling together these cute gold table toppers in the shape of hot air balloons, making sure they wouldn't disrupt views across the table by making sure they were light and airy with plenty of negative space. We also used wood blocks to double as the balloon basket and the table toppers base. 

As you can see, it all came together perfectly!


The Big 5-0!

We were fortunate enough to be able to create this sign to commemorate the 50th anniversary of our friends parents. The sign was made to have a rustic feel yet also be contemporary with a slight chalkboard aesthetic - making it warmer and less academic.

We really wanted to capture what an amazing feat it is to reach this milestone!
Congratulations Carol & Cecil!

Work in Progress

Custom Carved Camping Signs

Custom camping signs are a great way to make friends on the road. The idea is to have a modern day version of a family crest custom designed around your specific hobby or pastimes.

We are currently experimenting with different ways to layer the cuts, different woods and their affects as well as using techniques of torching and paint to add unique effects.

It's not just for camping! Signs can also add a level of personal expression to your yard, beach house, cottage, cabin or man cave. 

See our products page to see samples of get ideas flowing.


Tiki Pop Up Drink Tokens

We just finished working on our first custom order for The Whaling Club's Tiki pop up event! They wanted 150 tokens that people would use for drinks at their 2-day event in Culver City, California.

We used their logo as a basis for the design so that the tokens would add a unique touch to their event. We had to simplify their logo mark to make sure it would work within a 3-dimensional product as well as be able to be carved out of wood successfully. 

The material we used was baltic birch plywood. This material gave each token its own look through the natural variations of the wood. They wanted a lighter wood but one that also had a slight rustic feel to tie in with their brand. 

Overall the tiki event was a success and although we can't say that was because of the tokens, we can say that we were happy to be a part of it!

This event has now been featured on the popular wedding block Green Wedding Shoes!

Let us help take your event or party to the next level with custom carved goods! 

See our custom work page for ideas.


We're Here!

Venice Kraftworks started with a passion for improving products in the reef and aquarium hobby industry and quickly expanded from there. 

As word got out, people started asking if we could make this or that for them. That's when we realized this is a business beyond just friends, family and hobbyists. 

So here we are! We are currently in the process of planning, experimenting and learning. We love a challenge, so please approach with your ideas and possible projects!